Building Envelope Restoration

Project First Restorations Ltd. has a diverse team of construction trade specialists who have a direct knowledge of the issues involved with providing a functional and durable building envelope.

Structural Building Repairs

PFR provides a number of services to restore, repair or resurface decks and patios to eliminate existing or potential threats of water ingress. These include: re-sloping, membrane repair and replacement, surface coatings and sealants, drains, flashings and gutters and downspouts.

Window and Door Assembly

We cover everything from window assembly replacement for multi-unit residential buildings, sliding deck door replacement and siding and stucco repairs and full replacement

Concrete Repair and Coatings

PFR provides a wide range of concrete patching and concrete repair services to limit or repair the effects that water has on concrete surfaces.  These include: crack repair, control joint filling, joint restoration, under slab stabilization, surface repairs and more.